Ten years ago, I was a stay-at-home mum who had always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but was held back by fear and concern I wouldn’t be able to match my former corporate salary.

Then the reality of a mortgage forced me to take the plunge and start my first business—and one game changing revelation transformed everything.

The belief that partnerships have an incredible power. The knowledge that you are only ever one good marketing partnership away from success.

I’m now so obsessed with partnerships that I am on a mission to show/teach one million entrepreneurs and business owners by 2030 how to successfully identify and secure their own marketing partnerships.

They’ll create incredible new opportunities for their businesses—and that means more money, opportunities and greater business joy.

I’m all about supporting the impact warriors, the pioneering change makers, and giving them an easier road to create new opportunities, realise their dreams and make their impact on the world.

These are my people.

Let me share my story so you know this is not just clever marketing speak.

That business I launched in 2011 was called Bubbler. Australia’s original group buying site for mothers and families, its complete value was in the size of my community.

I wasn’t even paying myself so had to be smart about paid marketing, but I was struggling to grow the member base. Thinking creatively, I partnered with two other female entrepreneurs to run a joint competition where entrants signed up to our websites.

Within 10 days, my business added 7000+ new members—and the total cost was my time and $50 for graphics.

It was a massive revelation, and it blew my mind that I could grow my list like that at such a low cost. 

I used that partnership format again and again, and saw my business grow to 150,000 mums across Australia in five years. I never spent more than $300 a month on marketing—and in the last 18 months of owning the business I spent nothing.

Focusing exclusively on marketing partnerships saved tens of thousands of dollars, and built a powerful asset that made me increasingly attractive to big brand advertisers.

That lightbulb moment and what I have learned since is what I love sharing with other entrepreneurs and small business owners.

I show business owners how to get more leads, grow their profile and referral and email lists, position their business, fund a new asset (book/podcast) or grow sales conversions.

I show them that they can create their opportunities.

Having a big vision is one of my superpowers. As a kid I dreamed of going to New York. I saved up enough in two years from my first $3.28 an hour job to do it. Over almost two decades, I’ve run corporate sales teams, sold everything from hardware to biscuits and raised a family (yes, that’s a business, crossed with a team sport!)

Right now, I have three businesses, Partnership Mastery, marketing and research consulting business Marketing to Mums and the Opportunity Project for clients who have worked with me in my other platforms.

I’m also a consultant and author. My first book (2016’s Marketing to Mums: How to sell more to Australia’s most powerful consumer) was a global bestseller and is on its fifth reprint.

That led to me being invited to speak at conferences and events in Paris, New York and all over Australia. In 2018 I was awarded the ‘Take the Cake’ best speaker award at the Google-sponsored Marketing to Moms conference in New York (I also delivered the closing keynote address.)

Bottom line: I’m a real person, I know my stuff and have had a fantastic time getting to this point. Partnership Mastery is my way of giving back to the world and sharing everything I’ve learned.

My goal is to make sure you get marketing success faster than I did. I’ll show you mistakes you need to avoid and share critical actions you need to nail.