God knows I love my own time. Plonking onto the couch with Netflix (latest obsession: Call My Agent) or browsing sneakers online. Even just ducking into the bathroom without being followed by a kid or the dog.

Everyone has stuff they like doing alone, from daybreak running to Christmas shopping. I have a friend who does her best thinking while boogie boarding alone most days.

But for every blissful solitary moment, there are things best experienced with someone else.

Gripping a partner’s hand while you bring a child into the world or farewell someone beloved.

A Sunday popcorn movie.

Holidays that involve happy hour.

And as I know better than most, business is one of those things that is more profitable, fun and replicable when you do it with someone else.

Since I discovered their surprising power a decade ago when I used them to build a community from zero to 150,000 in my first business, partnerships have become my secret weapon.

I write about them, speak about them, sometimes dream about them. I teach them to other entrepreneurs and small biz owners looking to rocket their success without huge marketing budgets.

In 2021, as global markets rebound faster than expected from the 2020 pandemic lockdowns, I believe partnerships are the fastest and most successful way to grow your business.

And I believe if you’re serious about changing things up and following replicable steps to create new opportunities, you need a partnership mentor like me.

Because I’ve lived and breathed partnerships for a decade, I’m a world expert. It’s my specialty.

It’s like a specialist surgeon. Someone who just takes out tonsils every day is going to be better at it than someone who dabbles in nose jobs.

There are absolutely other coaches out there who can teach you partnership strategies, but I don’t know their stories. Here’s mine, so you know what to look for.

I think differently.

I see opportunities others don’t, opportunities that help drive profit and sales. People engage me because I’m a creative thinker with a Ninja talent for spotting gaps.

My desire not to follow the crowd but to find my own thing took a while to kick in. At my First Communion in Grade Three, I had no chance of blending into the crowd of girls in white dresses.

I was the tallest, for starters, and Mum sent me off in a maroon two piece with a pink and white striped bow tie (I kid you not!). I really wanted to be in the white dress. It wasn’t until my thirties I realised the value of being different, and now I spend a lot of time with clients working out how they can be just that.

My message: people don’t buy you because you’re the same as everyone else.

They buy you because you’re not.

I’m experienced.

I’ve been using partnerships for a decade. Ten years after that first revelatory experience in my business, I’ve honed my skills to a place where I would be a professor of partnerships if it was a uni degree.

I’ve seen it all. I know what works. Where other people scan online sites or social media for news daily, I love sleuthing out partnerships where unexpected brands or celebrities have collaborated.

Milk Stork and Miracle Babies. Mattel and Mercedes-Benz. Hershey and Brazilian artists for International Women’s Day. Love it!

I get results.

My clients have secured all sorts of tangible wins from media partnerships, to podcast sponsorships and six-figure content partnership deals.

In my own businesses, I’ve used partnerships to fund an editor for my first book (which became a Booktopia No 1 bestseller) and distribute the book, to launch my podcast, and even to dress me for international speaking engagements.

I’ll encourage you to #BeBold.

One of my aunt’s has a partner who from the time I was a teenager has asked me the same question at different times: What is it that you want and why aren’t you doing it?

I will ask the same of you. I’ll have your back, but will hold you accountable as you step outside your comfort zone.

Being bold has paid off for me, from setting my heart on a New York trip and earning the money for it by 16 to marrying a man I met in a cocktail bar when we were teenagers. Yes, we’re still together. Being bold rocks.

And lastly, I’ve got a proven method.

I’ve developed a seven-step framework that works every time. Without fail. I’ve been training small biz owners and entrepreneurs to use it (see results above) and by 2030 I plan to share the method with a million people.

I’d love you to be one of them.

Let’s you and me, discover how marketing partnerships can transform your business. Discover how we could create magic together in my signature six week Partnership Mastery program here: