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Hello – I’m Katrina McCarter and after almost two decades of working in sales and marketing, I know there’s one thing that drives success for any business, every time. Partnerships. I love to work collaboratively to deliver win-win outcomes and am regularly engaged by brands to help them identify, pitch and negotiate marketing partnerships on their behalf.

Since setting up my global marketing consultancy Marketing to Mums in 2015, I’ve used partnerships as my signature magic bullet—to fund projects, position my business and get myself in front of my ideal clients. Specifically, I have used marketing partnerships to:

  • Fund a professional editor for my first book (it went on to become a Booktopia #1 Business bestseller)
  • Cover all my distribution costs for the first year of my book sales (it saved me thousands)
  • Dress me for speaking engagements
  • Position my business internationally
  • Distribute marketing collateral to my key target audience
  • Endorse my business
  • Sponsor my podcast for the first twelve months

I want to help you embrace marketing partnerships in your business as I believe they are the fastest, low-cost way to grow your business.

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