One of my core beliefs is you are one marketing partnership away from the business success you want.


My six week program is the ultimate ‘How To’ for you to harness the power of partnerships. In this program I guide you through my PARTNER protocol— the seven step framework I have used for years to successfully identify and negotiate marketing partnerships in my own global businesses. Think of it as your expert marketing partnership blueprint. I’ll share checklists, templates and scripts you’ll need to get started on negotiating your next (or first) marketing partnership. You’ll feel confident and clear about how to best use partnerships in your business and have all the know how to do it.

Together we'll uncover:

  • How you could use partnerships to achieve your business goals
  • Who would be a good partner for your business
  • What you could offer which could be valued by a partner
  • How to approach a partner and how to find the right person
  • How to pitch
  • How to negotiate your partnership
  • How to formalise your partnership
  • Along with developing key partnership assets to accelerate your conversations and negotiations


How is the program delivered?

 There are six key components to the delivery of the Partnership Mastery program.


Experienced partnership strategist supporting you


Done for you templates and scripts to implement immediately


Be inspired and learn from dozens of partnership success stories

Why consider partnerships?

  • 54% of companies say partnerships drive more than 20% of total company revenue 54% 54%
  • 74% of companies say partnerships are a high or very high priority for their business 74% 74%
  • After seeing partnership campaigns, 68% of consumers make instant buying decisions 68% 68%

Are you the right fit for our global program?


  • You are a motivated small business owner or entrepreneur who wants a great strategy to take their business to the next level without huge marketing costs
  • You understand partnerships are important but they’re something you haven’t mastered … yet!
  • Because you have a tight marketing budget and are looking for creative ways to grow your business, you think partnerships could be worth exploring
  • You’re not sure about all the ways you could use partnerships to accelerate your business but are curious to find out
  • You don’t know where to start when it comes to partnerships
  • You don’t know who would make an ideal partner for your business and you want someone to help you think more creatively about suitable partners
  • You’re not sure what you could offer a prospective partner which they would find valuable
  • You’re not sure what you could ask a prospective partner for in a negotiation
  • You have no idea how to pitch your partnership idea, let alone negotiate and formalise a deal


If you fit three or more of these criteria, you’ve landed in the right place


I’m Katrina McCarter, a Partnerships and Marketing strategist who loves to work collaboratively to deliver win-win outcomes. I have 20 years sales and marketing experience and am regularly engaged by brands to help them identify, pitch and negotiate partnerships on their behalf. 
I’ve been using partnerships since 2011 as my secret weapon to fund projects, position my business and get myself in front of my ideal clients. 
I want to help you embrace marketing partnerships in your business as I believe they are the fastest, low-cost way to grow your business.
I invite you to step up in your business this year and learn how to enjoy the magic of partnerships to achieve what might seem impossible right now. 

Why work with me?

I’ve been using partnerships to build brands since I started in business in 2011. I see them as a way of doing business and I rarely use paid advertising.

I’ve successfully used partnerships to:

  • Fund a professional editor for my first book (it went on to become #1 Business bestseller on Booktopia)
  • Cover all my distribution costs for the first year of my book sales (it saved me thousands)
  • Dress me for speaking engagements
  • Gain a steady stream of warm and hot leads
  • Position my business internationally
  • Distribute marketing collateral to my key target audience
  • Endorse my business
  • Sponsor my podcast for the first twelve months


    95% of my Partnership clients rated the program Excellent + 5% rated it Very Good


    100% of my Partnership clients found it value for money


    100% of my Partnership clients said they feel confident that they have the tools and skills to approach a potential partner and negotiate a partnership.


    100% of my Partnerships clients said they would recommend my program to other business owners looking to grow their business

    How much does it cost?

    $2,995 + GST

    When do we start?

    This program is taught one on one via six 60 minute private zoom sessions.

    My Commitment

    I know the power of partnerships. I understand what they can do for a small business owner or entrepreneur. They totally transformed the way I do business and I want this for you too.


    I will show you how to identify potential partners and help you understand what it is you have to offer—and what you could ask for in return.


    I will be sharing actual proposals I have used to secure big brand partnerships, as well as templates and documents I have developed.


    I will deliver my best strategies, partnership observations and expertise to you. 

    I am interested in learning more about the Partnership Mastery program

    3 + 14 =


    Are partnerships really that transformational?

    Believe me, they are! I’ve used partnerships for the past decade to grow a community of 150,000 mothers across Australia and never spent more than $300 per month on marketing activities. I focused on collaborative partnerships. I’ve gone on to use them to fund my projects, generate leads and position my business. I passionately believe partnerships can create game-changing new opportunities for businesses and allow them to reach their business goals faster.

    What kinds of businesses are suitable for the Partnership Mastery program?

    The six week Partnership Mastery program caters for both B2B and B2C. We do find, however, that most of our clients tend to operate in the B2B space. To be honest, the framework we use applies to any business.

    Do I need to know which businesses I want to partner with before I start the program?

    Not at all. In fact, we’d prefer you didn’t know. Our unique framework will help you establish which partners are the most ideal.

    I’ve already done partnerships before, will the Partnership Mastery be appropriate for me?

    The six week Partnership Mastery program caters for both partnership novices and those who have dabbled before without great success. We’ve even had a highly experienced partnership mentor in the program as they wanted to take their partnerships ’next level’. The framework we use is applied directly into your business to ensure it is hyper relevant to you.

    When it comes to Partnerships I don’t know where to start and I don’t know who would make a good partner for my business. Is the Partnership Mastery program right for me?

    It’s perfect. The Partnership Mastery is the ultimate ‘How To’ of Partnerships. We’ll guide and mentor you through our unique framework which provides you with a step by step guide. 100% of our program participants have said that they finished the program feeling confident that they learned how to identify, approach and negotiate prospective partners for their business.

    What kind of results should I expect from the program?

    We deliver the confidence and clarity you’ve been lacking to really nail partnerships in your business. You will have all the know-how you will need to go and secure successful partnerships for your business to help you achieve your business goals faster. Don’t just take it from us though – here’s what our clients say about the program.

    I still haven’t had my question answered. What’s next?

    Please get in contact with us at and we will answer any lingering questions you might have.