“This has been the most worthwhile program that I have undertaken in my business journey.

I recently joined Katrina’s partnership program and have been eagerly working with Katrina for the past two months. By the end of our first mentoring session, I knew the program was going to be amazing and that Katrina was the right mentor for me. My business has taken a huge hit due to Covid and I have spent the downtime participating in many professional development programs, and Katrina’s partnership program has by far been the most beneficial and valuable. Katrina’s knowledge and encouragement is incredible and she has given me the tools and confidence to thrive in my business despite the current climate. I look forward to working with Katrina beyond her partnerships program and highly recommend connecting with Katrina if you’re looking to grow your business with partnerships and collaborations.” 

– Alison Smith

“The marketing partnership program was precisely what I needed to provide me with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to organise marketing partnerships. Katrina’s partnership-first thinking is smart and strategic and her framework for marketing partnerships is an awesome tool. I loved hearing how Katrina has used marketing partnerships in her business as this sparked lots of ideas as to how I can use them in my own.

The tools and templates shared within the program will also save me so much time for when it’s time to go and create my own. Having completed this program, I’m really looking forward to using marketing partnerships as a key marketing tactic for both my business and my clients. Thank you Katrina!”

– Jane Hillsdon

I had the pleasure of working with Katrina during 2021 to fine tune my partnership pitch.  I had been working on partnerships prior to engaging Katrina but her expertise in this space opened my eyes to opportunities with partners and brands that I would never before have considered.  One pitch alone that Katrina helped me build resulted in a $50,000 increase in revenue to my business

The financial results speak for themselves but what I found more valuable was having Katrina’s knowledge that has given me a new confidence to build partnership assets and pitch for opportunities that I would never have previously thought possible.” ” Clarissa Rayward, Director, Brisbane Family Law Centre

Katrina thinks of all opportunities through a partnership lens. I was approached to speak at an event and offered a third of my regular Speaker Fee. Rather than reject the opportunity out of hand, Katrina had me repitch the offer to ensure an equal value exchange that included both cash and non cash components. Yes, I ended up accepting the reduced fee, but I also very easily and compellingly negotiated a win:win which included the client sending out 3 targeted EDMs about my business/ products/ opportunities to their database of over one hundred thousand target clients. To be perfectly honest, this deal was better for me than receiving my full Speaker fee. Katrina is simply the master of partnerships.” Kate Christie, Director & Founder, Time Stylers

“I’m so grateful for the framework Katrina presented in the Partnership Mastery course… it’s completely changed the way I will approach my marketing and reaching business goals. Katrina shares this very authentic way of collaborating with people and brands so that everyone wins and feels empowered in the process- which is a great way of doing business in my book! The processes I learned, creativity I was encouraged to tap into, and resources I’ve taken away will be extremely valuable for me as I move forward. I’m so glad I went on the ‘Partnership Mastery’ journey 🙂 Thanks Katrina for helping me feel so supported throughout and encouraging me to be bold!” – Kim Siddons

“Katrina is extremely knowledgeable in partnerships for marketing. She is an engaging presenter with a genuine interest in each and every participant. I learned so much during her marketing partnerships program and now have the confidence to approach prospective partnerships. Thank you, Katrina!” – Tanya Enright

After completing Katrina McCarter’s Partnership Mastery program I started noticing partnerships everywhere. The program opened my eyes to new opportunity that I am very excited to pursue.” – Estelle O’Callaghan

Hands down, Katrina’s Partnership Mastery program has been one of the most valuable business courses I have completed. The framework and delivery is exceptional as is the intel Katrina provides.” – Sonia Zeiback

I can highly recommend the Marketing Partnerships program run by Katrina. Learning from someone who has a proven track record and walks the talk is really important to me. Katrina is passionate, enthusiastic and a great mentor.” – Hunter Leonard

“Business starts and ends with people and that does not just mean customers. Partnerships are so important to growth of your business, knowledge, skills and opportunity, so invest in them as heavily as you would customers. And the best way to do that is through a proven program that has integrity, which is Katrina’s Partnership Mastery program.
Not only will Katrina arm you with knowledge, processes and templates, but her insight, support and her energy will provide all you need to take the step forward to success.
I can’t encourage you enough to have Katrina in your corner as you tackle building a partnership program and explore new opportunities. Even after the program I plan to continue to work with Katrina to ensure partners know we not only work with them, but they are also an extension of our business and how we work. We value them deeply.
So don’t think about working with Katrina… do it! There is only goodness in the right type of effort, which her program is.” – Lisa Sisson
“Katrina is a true leader when it comes to marketing partnerships and the opportunity to learn from, and be mentored by her, has been invaluable. 
I was lost in a sea of partnership opportunities. Katrina helped me get really clear on which partnerships to prioritise and how to structure them.
I’ve felt incredibly grateful to have her in my corner offering ideas, guidance on strategies, how to frame partnership conversations, as well as helping my realise my own value, which we can often underestimate as business owners. 
Having someone with Katrina’s experience, with a birds eye view of my business, personally guiding through the world of marketing partnerships has been amazing and I highly recommend her program to anyone wanting to grow their business through partnerships.”  – Zara D’Cotta
“I couldn’t recommend highly enough Katrina McCarter’s marketing partnership programs. Whilst I had already been involved in this area for many years; the insights gained were invaluable. The framework presented – enveloped with rich practical examples – enables the participant to leave with a terrific, success-based system to readily implement. Significantly, the one-on-one sessions ensured a super personalised approach to meet your specific needs.”  – Ross Gage
“Katrina is a real partnership master. She was able to completely change my mindset about partnerships. I really like her pragmatic way to approach and implement partnership strategies. I can now say I did not really grasp partnerships before the programme. Now I get it and it has reframed a lot of business relationships in my business.” – Christelle Damiens
Katrina provides exceptional value for money in this course. Everything you need to succeed at partnerships is provided in this easy to follow program. Its follows a step by step format and the recorded webinar classes enable you to go back, review and refine at your own pace. I highly recommend it for anyone looking to fast track partnerships for business success.” – Miriam Sandkulher
“Katrina, I am deeply grateful for all that you have taught me through this program. I feel like I have a clear sense of direction about where I want to take things, and how to determine which opportunities are a good fit. I really appreciated how you held me to account and on track, with laser-like focus on what I needed to do to achieve my goals. And you taught me how to value my work, seeing possibilities and connections that I would never have recognised. I have been raving about this program to others in my networks because it has had such a profound effect on my work (and I will continue to)! ” – Sarah Prime

“Katrina’s program has open my eyes to a world of possibilities that l didn’t know existed. It has helped me understand how the corporate world worked in regards to joint venture partners and the value l can bring to them. The program has given me the tools l needed to approach prospective partners with confidence and negotiate with them.

The one on one coaching sessions with Katrina were invaluable with unlocking all sorts of potential benefits that had never have occurred to me. I highly recommend doing the course if you are looking to grow your business.” – Andrea Felton